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The term ‘physical therapy’ means the treatment of pain in natural ways without interference from other substances and method used, since antiquity, to relieve pain and treat various diseases and injuries

Evaluation & rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases and disorders (cervical syndrome … – back pain – Lumbar sciatica – osteoarthritis – rheumatism – tendinitis – folliculitis – scoliosis – kyphosis …)

Rehabilitation of sports injuries (… contusions – sprains – tendinitis – overuse syndromes – ligamentous injuries …)



is a method of alternative medicine based on the application of specific pressures and compressions in the sole and heel of the foot. Because the tread are 7,200 nerve endings, such specific pressure causing a “reflective” stimulus at each point and organ separately, resulting in stimulation of the nerve and the defensive system of the body although in the case of the patient is not feasible to implement legs made arms.



massage is a combination of relaxing massage and pressure techniques of trigger points to treat painful conditions with which they are often linked. With the relaxing massage the pain decreases, relax the muscles of the region and trigger points are deactivated.


employs essential oils for the treatment of diseases. The oils derived from various plant parts. Mix with other substance (oil, lotions or alcohol) and then placed on the skin, inhaled or sprayed into the air. It can also be massages with the oils in the skin

Cupping  therapy – massage

used mug silicone or glass and placed in the part of the body with skpo removal of pain, swelling, hematoma. In general offer significant relaxation of hard muscles and disabling trigger points. Also gets massaged and suction if possible and acceptable.

Kinesio Taping : Slinging techniques and application of special film with a very important improvement in problems such as hematoma, contusions, sprains, etc